The company is led by Dr. Steve Perrin, The Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientific Officer of ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALS TDI)
In addition to the clinical assets, the company has issued the following patents:

ALS TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY PORTFOLIO AT-1501 and its use for the treatment of ALS are protected by an intellectual property estate developed by ALS Technology Development Institute (ALSTDI). The patents and application in the estate are owned fully by ALSTDI and are currently exclusively licensed to Anelixis. Our patent estate, shown in the table below, includes two patent families. The first family is entitled: Methods for the treatment of Neurodegenerative Disease. The claims of this first patent family are directed to methods for treating ALS by administering an antibody that blocks the interaction of CD40 and CD40LG, or blocks the interaction of CD40 and CD40LG in combination with a compound that blocks the interaction between CD28 and DC86 or between CD28 and CD80.

The second family is entitled: Anti-CD40LG Therapeutic Antibodies. The claims of the second family are directed to antibodies that bind to CD40LG and have a modified Fc region that is engineered to reduce or eliminate platelet aggregation and the concomitant risk of thromboembolism. Further claimed are methods of using the antibody of the invention for the treatment of disorders which include ALS.

The first patent family includes three issued patents, U.S. Patent Nos. 8,435,514, 9,044,459, and Japanese Patent No. 6027646, which will expire on December 4, 2029, March 30, 2030*, and December 4, 2029, respectively, and two pending foreign applications, that if issued will expire on December 4, 2029. The second patent family includes one PCT application, patents that issue in this family will expire February 2, 2036, absent any patent term adjustment.

Methods for the treatment of Neurodegenerative Disease
Country Application No. Filing date Publication or Patent Number Publication or Issue Date Status
US provisional 61/120,121 12/5/2008 N/A N/A Expired
PCT PCT/US2009/066715 12/4/2009 WO2010/065819 6/10/2012 Nationalized
US 13/858667 8/18/2011 8,435,514 5/7/2013 Issued
US (Divisional) 13/858,667 4/8/2013 9,044,459 6/2/2015 Issued
Hong Kong 11112885.0 11/28/2011 1158660 7/20/2012 Pending
Japan 2011-095123 5/7/2015 6027646 10/21/2016 Issued
Europe EP 09768576.2 12/4/2009 EP2367849 9/28/2011 Pending
Anti-CD40L Therapeutic Antibodies
Country Application No. Filing date Publication or Patent Number Publication or Issue Date Status
US provisional 62/111,261 2/3/2015 N/A N/A Expired
PCT PCT/US2016/016165 2/2/2016 WO 2016/126702 8/11/2016 Pending

*The term of 9,044,459 is extended by 116 days for patent term adjustment.

We are aware of no constraints, intellectual property or otherwise, that would impede or block the use of any proposed assay or model or would block or impede commercial development of AT-1501 for the treatment of ALS. We have worked with outside counsel to do preliminary patent clearance searches and have not identified any patents that will block development or marketing of AT-1501 in the U.S.

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